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The Premier Pipe Band of the Adirondacks

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Galloway Gaelic Pipes and Drums is comprised of pipers and drummers of all ages with members coming primarily from Saratoga, Warren and Washington counties.

We typically perform in 15 engagements throughout the year.  We average 10 parades and 5 competitions.  

We compete as a grade 5 band in the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association. (EUSPBA). In 2018, GGPD finished as Champions in Grade 5, under the direction of  Pipe Major, Michael Bonan.

The band was formed in 1985 and is named in honor of Glens Falls bagpiper Edward Galloway. Ed was a Scottish immigrant who was a key figure early in bagpiping in Glens Falls. Ed was well known for his sense of humor, personable character, and dedication to his band. He became an official piper of the local band in 1962.


Q: Will Galloway Gaelic Pipes and Drums accept new members?


A: Absolutely! The band welcomes students of all ages and our instructors are ready to teach at a variety of levels.  


Membership requirements --  Musicians who are interested in becoming active members of the non-profit are persons of good health and character who are sponsored by an active member of the band. After completing a probationary period of one full parade season, the candidate may be presented to the active membership for consideration of formal membership.

If you are interested in playing either pipes or drums, please contact the Pipe Major.

Anyone interested in bagpiping, drumming, Scottish/Irish music, or Celtic heritage is welcome to come hear us practice.  

Q: Is Galloway Gaelic Pipes and Drums available for hire?


A:  Yes!  Galloway Gaelic Pipes and Drums can provide a band for just about any event!  In the past, we have played for events such as parades, concerts, private parties, weddings, funerals, and more. Smaller ensembles and solo pipers can also be hired, depending on your needs. Please use the contact page to inquire about booking the band.

Q. When and where does the band practice?

Practices are normally held every Tuesday, from 7 PM to about 8:30 PM at St. Michael's Church,  80 Saratoga Avenue, South Glens Falls, NY 12803.

            Band Roster


Susanne Barber - Porter Corners, NY

Mike Bonan - Queensebury, NY

Joshua Bromley - 

Allan Clugston - Corinth, NY
William Creamer - Bondville, VT

John Dann - Stony Creek, NY

Brennan Dowd - Glens Falls, NY

Pat Dowd - Glens Falls, NY

John Franklin - Ballston Spa, NY

Dan Gordon - South Glens Falls, NY

Larry Jeffords - Queensbury, NY

David Jones - Queensbury, NY
Mark Kelsey - Greenwich, NY
Bruce Mackay - Saratoga Springs, NY

Johnnie Mackenzie - Argyle, NY
Wyatt MacPherson - Glens Falls, NY
Michael Miller Sr. - Lake Luzerne, NY
Michael Miller Jr. - North Syracuse, NY

Michael Murdock - 
Irwin D. Nathanson - Diamond Point, NY

Mike Shaver - Fort Edward, NY

Tom Shine - Lake Luzerne, NY

Anne Vandenburg - Ballston Spa, NY
Bob Wright - Queensbury, NY


Caleb Bromley -

Patty Dann - Stony Creek, NY

Eamonn Dowd - Glens Falls, NY

Kieran Dowd - Glens Falls, NY

Catherine Flanagan -

Andrew Harrington - South Glens Falls, NY

Tom Harrington- South Glens Falls, NY

Charlotte MacPherson - Glens Falls, NY
Glenn Oliphant - Gansevoort, NY

Roger Palmer - Queensbury, NY

Tim Powhida - South Glens Falls, NY

Nick Quinn - South Glens Falls, NY
Mark B. Ramsey - Lake George, NY
Simone D. Ramsey - Lake George, NY
Kevin P. Rooney - Gansevoort, NY

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